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Help visitors understand why they need to buy from you before they leave, and never come back.
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1400% ROI case study
How we use video to get a 1400% ROI on ad spend
Video #1
We start off with a 60 second piece of content. The goal of this video is to give value to our audience. We advertise this video on Facebook. By giving value first you not only stand out from everyone else, you actually give your audience a reason to want more from you. This video has a 800% ROI.
Video #2
Since our audience already got some value from us, they kinda like us! We now have a much better chance at being received well when we actually show a promotion of what we do and how we can help them. The other cool thing is you can choose to ONLY show this video to those who actually consumed video #1, those are the people who are most interested. This video has a 1200% ROI.
Video #3
Testimonials / Proof
This is a simple video aimed at increasing our credibility and decreasing the perceived risk of paying money to work with us. We do this by showing testimonials from 11 of our happy clients in a slideshow video. This video has a 1400% ROI.
we can do this for you too!
10% discount on orders of 3 videos or more!
the reality is that 99% of people leave your website and never come back because you didn't hook them
Attention spans are constantly decreasing. You can complain about it, or you can make sure that your business doesn't suffer from the reality. You have a very short amount of time to win someone over, or they'll leave your site and NEVER come back. It's not up to them to stay, it is up to you to entice them to want to stay.
a video that explains what you do and how you can help ensures visitors buy from you
Think about it, you'd never buy anything from someone you didn't think could help you. This is really the problem we solve with video: we give you the chance to prove yourself in a short amount of time. Not only does video do a much better job of communicating information than just text, it's much more engaging, memorable, and easy to share.
 Increase Your Conversion Rate
So That More Of Your Visitors Turn Into Buyers
 Instantaneously Get Your Message Across
So That Your Visitors Actually Understand What You Do And How You Can Help Them
 Increase Your Perceived Value
By Having That Next Level Content In Video Form So You Can Charge Higher Prices And Be More Desired
 Rank Better In Google
so you can get more clicks By Having More Engages Website Visitors That Stay Longer and engage more with Your Website
 Increase Demand To Work With You
by showing your company's personality in a short video
 Add Revenue
by increasing conversion and getting more customers. crazy egg increased conversion 64% and added $21,000 to their monthly recurring revenue.
a few of the 500+ videos we have done
what you can use videos for
 On your website and landing pages
Use video to explain what you do and how you can help in a quick and efficient manner. Whether it's to make a sale, get an opt in, or just to get your message across.
Videos are an amazing choice for advertising and tend to outperform image and text ads. You can use them on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There's a reason you see video ads in your newsfeed constantly. They work.
A lot of our clients use videos as an introduction in sales meetings. What you have to realize is that each time you pitch something you'll do better or worse than last time. A video is a perfect pitch every time.
Another common use case by our clients is to use videos placed onto tablets for your next conference. This can work really great as it allows you to get in front of more people without needing more staff. Your video acts as a lead qualifier where visitors watch your video and in order to know more, or actually make a purchase instruct them (in the video) to go up to a rep and say some type of keyword or catch phrase. Also makes it more fun for the visitor.
how does the process work?
  place your order
Choose package and video length. Complete your payment.
  fill out the brief
In order to make your video exactly the way you want it we have some questions for you. this is a great time to let us know about your business, your audience, what your goal is, as well as letting us know about other great videos you have seen and would like to draw inspiration from.
  finalize script
Once we've received your brief we will start working on your script. the way it works is that we write a draft, send it over to you for comments and feedback, and you return to us. we fix your feedback and send you another draft, until you're happy.
  choose speaker
If you want a speaker in your video, most of our clients do, simply choose someone from our list of professional speakers that we cooperate with. we'll send them the script which they'll record.
  finalize video
Once we've received the recording of your script our professional animator will create your video and send it over to you. this works similarly to the script stage where we go back and forth until you're satisfied.
  receive video
Once approved we'll send over your high definition video ready for use on your website, at your conference, television, or wherever you have in mind!
place an order and our vikings will start working on your video
10% discount on orders of 3 videos or more!
30 Seconds
 Dedicated project manager
 3-5 week delivery
 Script writer
 Voiceover included
 Professional animator
 Background music
60 Seconds
most popular
 Dedicated project manager
 3-5 week delivery
 Script writer
 Voiceover included
 Professional animator
 Background music
90 Seconds
 Dedicated project manager
 3-5 week delivery
 Script writer
 Voiceover included
 Professional animator
 Background music
what our clients say
by George Bol
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
The value for money for such professional execution was unexpected. I think more businesses would go all in on video if they knew how time- and cost efficient it was to get a professional video made.
by Mikael Jonasson
90 Second Video | Verified Purchase
We wanted a clear and simple informational video that could describe our services in a short time which you succeeded with.

We’ll be back again and will happily recommend this service to people in my network.
by Jens Bjorkman
30 Second Video | Verified Purchase
I highly appreciate that you always listened to our feedback without us having to motivate why we wanted certain changes, which speaks volumes about the team.

Very good in the end and I can honestly recommend the service to others, and will probably return myself.
by Nick & Becca
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
5 stars! You should get 10! We are so happy with our video. Such a professional job. Super quick and incredible service. Could not be better. We will definitely be back soon.
by Tomas Walstedt
2 x 60 Second Videos | Verified Purchase
As a B2B company with relatively complex services we wanted to quickly capture visitors attention and describe what we do in a simple way. 

The cooperation was flawless and we’re super happy with the end result.
by Mansur Koyluoglu
30 Second Video | Verified Purchase
We’re so happy to have chosen you as our supplier for our first video and we’ll happily continue working with you for future presentation videos. Thanks a lot to the team.
by Christian Lofvendahl
5 x 60 Second Videos | Verified Purchase
Great, the video came out excellent!
by Erik Kullander
90 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Good final result!
by Jimmy Sundbom
30 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Very satisfied! Fast delivery and great result.
by Hakan Larsson
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
We never met, or even spoke on the phone and still the result is fantastic. Very positive experience!
by Magnus Israelsson
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Great cooperation all the way, and we’re super satisfied with the end result.
by Attila Puskas Farkas
30 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Great service, very easy to work with and an awesome final result. Highly recommend!
by Dennis Larsson
30 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Professional and very competent team that knows how to produce world class videos. No hesitation on my end to recommend ScandiVids and will hire them again for our next video.
by Ulla Chowdhury
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Worked really well even though we are beginners at this. I never thought it would be so seamless and easy to produce a video without meeting face to face. I strongly recommend these guys. We’ll be back!
by Mey Cheragwandi
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Creative, flexible, and they listen. You did a fantastic job that leaves us with everything we wanted. We’re super happy with our video and will recommend you to our network. Huge thanks for your great work.
by Victor Hjalmarsson
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Incredibly simple to work with. The result far exceeded our expectations. Strongly recommend ScandiVids!
by Hesam Ghalaei
30 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Very professional from start to finish!
by Johannes Rubensson
60 Second Video | Verified Purchase
Thanks a lot for a superb job! You have been great from start to finish. We’re VERY happy with what you made, now we just have to embed it on our new website!
Money back guarantee
If you're not happy with your video we'll do our best to fix it! If you're still not happy simply request a full money back guarantee within 30 days of delivery.
frequently asked questions
How long should my video be?
While attention spans are getting shorter and shorter that doesn't mean your video has to be short. The truth is that your video should be as long as it needs to be to make its point. One of the most watched videos of 2012, the viral "Kony 2012" video was close to 30 minutes long. Remember, the people that are willing to watch are the ones that are willing to buy, forget everyone else let's not focus on them.
How much will my video cost?
The biggest variable is the length of the video. Apart from that we offer some add ons. Check out our packages above.
Will I own the rights to the video?
Yep. The only caveat is that the rights to voiceovers are not sold, but rather the right to use the voiceover. The only thing you need to know about that is that if you want to show your video on TV the speaker will most likely want a slightly higher fee, other than that nothing to worry about.
If you are from Scandinavia how can we ensure the video will be done in proper English?
We actually hire native English speakers for script writing and voiceovers so that language will never be an issue.
I have more questions, who can I talk to?
For questions email
How long does it take to make my video?
Honestly, it depends on fast you respond to us. If you give us feedback on scripts and video drafts within 48 hours you should have a finished video within 3-5 weeks.
What happens if I’m not satisfied?
We'll do whatever we can to make you happy. In creative projects like video creation it is absolutely impossible that 100% of clients love the work from the start. Sometimes it can get a little bumpy, but we don't give up just because things get tough. Often times the projects that are a little rocky end up being the best videos we make. If we can't work out any differences we have simply request a refund within 30 days of video delivery.
Are there any additional costs?
No. We offer optional add ons such as different languages, subtitles, and things of that nature. The prices you see above are what you pay unless you want extras.
Can you make other languages?
Yep, we've made videos in tons of different languages. Simply send us a question about it and we'll see what we can do. Major languages are a piece of cake.
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